XP Motorsports "Stage 3 Street Cam Package" LS 54-000-1112676R

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“Stage” 3 Cam – This kit is a major step up from the stock cam or the Stage 2 cam package in power and sound. It’ll make major amounts of midrange and upper end power. This cam has a rough idle rowdy sound but still very streetable.  This cam has excellent streetability and drives great around town with a rough and rowdy idle and lope and then get on it and she'll come to life.

Cam Spec's = 247/259 @ .050, .675/.675 valve lift, 113 LSA

Parts Included in Kit

Valve Spring Kit, Dual Spring, 427 lb/in Rate, 1.150 in Coil Bind, 1.301 in OD, Steel Retainer, Viton Seal, Steel Seat, GM LT/LS-Series, Kit. Dual Valve Spring Kit for GM L83/L86/LT1/LS7 w/ Tool Steel Retainers.
This Dual Valve Spring Kit for LS engines includes carefully matched Dual Valve Springs, retainers, locks, seals and spring seats. With a .675" maximum lift, these COMP Cams® Dual Valve Springs for street/strip applications are manufactured from Super Clean™ wire and subject to extensive quality control testing to deliver a valve spring assembly with superior strength, durability and valve train stability, no matter the application. The dual spring design creates a stronger valve spring that can easily handle the increased lift found in extreme stress applications. COMP Cams® Dual Valve Springs exceed the expectations of today’s engine builders and racers. Also included are the 
Lightweight Tool Steel Retainers  7° Steel Valve Locks   Valve Seals   Spring Seats

 (short travel lifters)
Lifter, OEM-Style, Hydraulic Roller, 0.842 in OD, Short Travel, GM LS-Series, Set of 16. Short Travel OE-Style Hydraulic Roller Lifter Set for '87+ SBC and LT/LS. When dealing with full travel lifters, certain engines respond better to a light pre-load because it recovers more quickly from any bad harmonics in the valve train. Others work better with a heavy pre-load because oil volume is reduced under the plunger, which increases stiffness. COMP Cams® Short Travel Hydraulic Roller Lifters allow you to have the advantages of both light pre-load and reduced oil volume, producing the most stable and highest revving hydraulic lifter available.
 (C5-R IWIS Chain)
C5-R IWIS Single Race Timing Chain for GM LS Gen III/IV Timing Chain, LS7 3 Bolt CAM/Four Sensor The C5-vR IWIS Race Timing Chain for GM LS Gen III and IV Applications is the top of the line option for single chain LS applications.

 (BSR shaft rockers)
Rocker Arm, Max-Lift BSR, Shaft Mount, 1.70 Ratio, Non-Roller, Black Nitride, Steel, LS7, GM LS-Series, Kit Max-Lift BSR Shaft Rocker System for GM LS7 Raised Rectangle Port
*NOTE: Requires Tuning

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