XP Motorsports "Stage” 2 Street Cam Kit Package 54-000-1113161R

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“Stage” 2 Cam – This kit is a significant step up from the stock cam in power and sound. It’ll make major amounts of midrange power and extend through the RPM range. This is the “go to” type grind for standard LS7 setups. The cam has excellent streetability and drives great around town then get on it and she'll surprise you.

Cam Specs = 238/249 @ .050, .652/.650 valve lift, 113 LSA

Parts Included in Kit
Valve Spring Kit, Dual Spring, 505 lb/in Rate, 1.100 in Coil Bind, 1.320 in OD, Steel Retainer, Viton Seal, Steel Seat, GM LS-Series, Kit.
This Dual Valve Spring Kit for LS engines includes carefully matched Dual Valve Springs, retainers, locks, seals and spring seats. With a .675" maximum lift, these COMP Cams® Dual Valve Springs for street/strip applications are manufactured from Super Clean™ wire and subject to extensive quality control testing to deliver a valve spring assembly with superior strength, durability and valve train stability, no matter the application. The dual spring design creates a stronger valve spring that can easily handle the increased lift found in extreme stress applications. COMP Cams® Dual Valve Springs exceed the expectations of today’s engine builders and racers. Also included are the 
Lightweight Tool Steel Retainers  7° Steel Valve Locks   Valve Seals   Spring Seats

 (short travel lifters)
Lifter, OEM-Style, Hydraulic Roller, 0.842 in OD, Short Travel, GM LS-Series, Set of 16. Short Travel OE-Style Hydraulic Roller Lifter Set for '87+ SBC and LT/LS. When dealing with full travel lifters, certain engines respond better to a light pre-load because it recovers more quickly from any bad harmonics in the valve train. Others work better with a heavy pre-load because oil volume is reduced under the plunger, which increases stiffness. COMP Cams® Short Travel Hydraulic Roller Lifters allow you to have the advantages of both light pre-load and reduced oil volume, producing the most stable and highest revving hydraulic lifter available.
 (C5-R IWIS Chain)
C5-R IWIS Single Race Timing Chain for GM LS Gen III/IV Timing Chain, LS7 3 Bolt CAM/Four Sensor The C5-vR IWIS Race Timing Chain for GM LS Gen III and IV Applications is the top of the line option for single chain LS applications.

 (BSR shaft rockers)
Rocker Arm, Max-Lift BSR, Shaft Mount, 1.70 Ratio, Non-Roller, Black Nitride, Steel, LS7, GM LS-Series, Kit Max-Lift BSR Shaft Rocker System for GM LS7 Raised Rectangle Port

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