The following information is helpful for issues both on the street or on the race track. On the track always remember to use a high quality dot 4 fluid with a dry boiling temperature of at least 466 degrees F

Spongy Pedal

1.     Air in brake system.

2.     Wrong size master cylinder.  (too small)

3.     Calipers not mounted square to rotors.

4.     Calipers mounted equal to or higher than master cylinder.

5.     Pedal ratio too great.

 Brake Drag

1.     Rotors warped.

2.     Tapered brake pads.

3.     Bad master cylinder.

4.     Residual pressure valve in system.

5.     Calipers not square to rotors.

 Oscillation Feed Back

1.     Excessive rotor run out.

2.     Excessive front bearing clearance.

3.     Cracked rotors.

4.     Rotor faces not parallel.

5.     Pad material build-up on rotors.

 Loss of Pedal During Hard Braking

1.     Fluid boiling due to wet fluid or foot drag.

2.     Faulty master cylinder.

3.     Leak in caliper or hydraulic lines.

4.     Undersized brake system.

 Car Won’t Stop/ Pushing Too Hard on Pedal

1.     Glazed pads or rotors

2.     Master cylinder too large.

3.     Insufficient pedal ratio.

4.     Wrong pad material for your application.

5.     Frozen pistons in calipers.

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