Retrofit DRY SUMP OIL SYSTEM ENHANCEMENTS Kits for 2006-present Corvette Z06

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 Retrofit Kits for 2006-present Corvette Z06 and other applications using LS7 engines!
100% compatible with OEM components
Provides oil control the factory left unfinished
 Retain use of factory air conditioning, power steering, alternator, oil filter, oil cooler, oil tank and all plumbing
 Helps prevent oil from being vented into intake
 Easily installed —welding required 1 fitting in tank
  Improves engine reliability and performance
To bring the Z06’s lubrication system to competition caliber,Aviaid has designed a compact single-stage pump that, in combination with the OEM scavenge pump, more than doubles thestock scavenge capacity, as well as enhances the evacuation of crankcase pressure and ensures that once oil accumulates on the floor of the pan it is removed efficiently.The pump attaches to the passenger side cylinder head and is driven by a timing belt. An adjustable Katech idler assembly featuring a custom combination drive pulley replaces the stock spring-loaded idler and pulley assembly. It is driven by the factory serpentine belt and subsequently drives the pump. The kit includes an auxiliary pickup for scavenging, while a companion pickup replaces the OEM unit. To feed the pump an AN –10 line is routed from the oil pan to the pump. An included weld-in tank bung provides the connection point for the auxiliary scavenge pump return.Other than drilling a hole into the pan for the pickup bung,drilling a hole and welding a fitting in the tank, and running two lines from the pan to the pump and sump tank, no additional fabrication isrequired. And the most important thing to remember is that everything has been designed to work in concert with the OEM air conditioner, power steering, alternator, etc. What’s more, it does not require relocating the oil filter, or replacing/modifying any oil tank or oil cooler lines. It’s as straight forward and clean an installation as you’ll find anywhere.

LS7 OEM Tank Insert

LS7 OEM Pan Pickup Trap Assembly w/ doors and Trap Windage Tray

Section Scavenge pump w/ 45D outlet port -10 x-10

LS-A Oil Pump Adapter Plate

Bolt Kit LS-A Pump Installation

3.5” Tensioner Serpentine Pulley w/ 14T Gilmer Pulley

Katech LS Fixed Adjustable Belt Tensioner

Locking Collar 5/8 x 1”

LS7 Pickup OEM Replacement 60

LS7 Pickup Auxiliary Pump

Belt 225L050 (Gilmer)

Pulley 5X04 46 G


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