Red Line’s 40WT(10404) (15W40) fully synthetic ester engine Race Oil

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Red Line’s synthetic engine oils are designed to provide the highest protection, cleanliness and superior drain intervals with the lowest friction for your gasoline, diesel, motorcycle or marine engine. We use the most stable components available and formulate our products for wear protection and friction reduction across a wide range of engine operating conditions. Red Line's products are unique because they contain polyol ester base stocks, the only lubricants which can withstand the tremendous heat of modern jet engines. These synthetics have a natural multigrade property which allows our chemists to avoid bulking up an oil with unnecessary additive packages.
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40WT RACE OIL (15W40)
Versatile product used in stock car racing, road racing and sprint cars
Used by many of the top Dirt Late Model teams
Used by top teams in NASCAR, Spec engines for Camping World East and West Series

Racing oils provide more wear protection than motor oils for passenger vehicles, however, these products contain fewer detergents and are not suitable for street use

Reformulated for improved frictional properties
Special detergents for improved lubricity and less detonation
Polyol ester base stocks provide more stability and film strength when exposed to excess fuel dilution
Each of these products has no less than 2200ppm of zinc and phosphorus for antiwear
Each race oil product is a multi-grade, offering 2-4% more power than oil of a similar viscosity - 20WT is a 5W20, 30WT is a 10W30, 40WT is a 15W40, 50WT is a 15W50
Improved protection at startup, lower oil temp, cleanliness
Remember to change these oils more frequently than regular motor oils


Phosphorus, Avg PPM2200
Zinc, Avg PPM2440
SAE Viscosity Grade15W40
Vis @ 100°C, CSt14.5
Vis @ 40°C, CSt93
Viscosity Index162
CCS Viscosity, Poise, @ °C[email protected]°C
Pour Point, °C-45
Pour Point, °F-49
NOACK Evaporation Loss,1hr @ 482°F (250°C), %6

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