DBW Throttle Blip Modules

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DBW Throttle Blip Modules

Blip on Downshift
No more heel to toe
Consistent downshifts rev match
Programmable throttle % target
USB (PC or APP) or On-board switches
Interface with Brake and Clutch switch circuits
OR Load Cell Shift knob

Throttle Control Description
Connect this module inline with OEM throttle pedal and Brake/Clutch Switch circuits OR a Load Cell Shift knob/linkage.
Upon detection of a downshift event (Brake and Clutch pressed OR Load Cell Shifter Push) the throttle is commanded to a target % to rev match the lower gear.

During the development of our WOT Shift (Ignition Cut) Module on late model Drive-By-Wire (DBW) vehicles, it became clear we needed a solution for rev matching on downshifts.
We have a very detailed understanding of DBW signals and their interactions with the ECU.
Our modules provide a plug-n-play solution for manipulating commanded throttle position electronically.
Most applications involve a sequential transmission requiring a blip during downshifts. 
Interface directly inline with the OEM APP (Accelerator Pedal Position) sensors.
Can be configured to trigger on any external input event.

Programmable Parameters
  • Target Throttle Blip %
  • Delay after trigger for blip (ms)
  • Duration of blip (ms)
  • Min. time between blips (ms)

  • Technical Notes
    • Utilized OEM Throttle pedal connectors: Plug-n-Play No cutting or splicing of wires that can lead to limp mode issues
    • Passive design, vehicle operates normally when switched off.
    • Full telemetry via USB or set throttle % On-Board and forget it.
    • Every unit end-of-line tested
    • Made in the USA

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