Corvette Heavy Duty Drive Shaft Coupler '12mm' design, fits 01 up Z06's and 02 up base model cars, w/larger, stronger, factory driveshaft.

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Corvette Heavy Duty Drive Shaft Coupler is a heavy duty driveshaft coupler that addresses a weak link in the factory C5 and C6 setup: the stock rubber torque tube bushing. Our unit is machined from billet aluminum, and has strategically placed lightening holes to reduce rotating weight. It is then black anodized, to prevent corrosion. This is the same part used on the race car. There are actually two rubber bushings in the stock at each end of the torque tube. For performance street / moderate racing, we suggest replacing the one located at the trans/diff end only. This one sees more shock load, and tends to fail first. Leaving the factory rubber one at the other end acts as a dampener. Hard core racers, looking for ultimate strength, can run two (we run two on the race car).
**Installation is identical to that for the stock part.

****NOTE: This is the '12mm' design, and therefore only fits 01 up Z06's and 02 up base model cars, with the larger, stronger, factory driveshaft.

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