Corvette C5/C6/C7 Rear Lap Belt Harness Mounting System

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Rear Lap Belt Harness Mounting System installs at the rear seat stud locations. It can be installed under or on top of the seat mounting bracket depending on the brackets used. It sits as far back as possible to allow seats sitting low to the floor, to have the most legroom without interference. It is provided with 8 pre-drilled mounting holes for locating the 4 provided eye bolts to attach your harnesses. You can directly bolt your harnesses to this unit if you’re using bolt in harnesses versus snap in harnesses.

Do to the length of the factory studs this part cannot be used along with other parts that also install around the rear seat studs, such as harness bars with struts mounting to the floor, without the addition of the stud extenders. Using the stud extenders may require some modification to the parts being installed to the rear studs. Primary the mounting holes may need to be enlarged to fit over the 18mm stud extender.

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