FCOR-0655/FCOR-0661 Billy Boat C7 1 7/8" Long Tube Tri-Y Headers w/ 3" X-Pipe (w/ high flow cats)/w C7 GEN. 3 FUSION "RETRO" QUAD OVAL

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Billy Boat Performance Exhaust has once again taken the Pole Position in the market by developing long tube header systems specifically for the C7 Corvette. The header design incorporates the correct firing sequence which pairs exhaust ports together for more efficient exhaust scavenging. Dyno testing, utilizing technology previously found in racing applications has shown an increase of horsepower and torque throughout the entire RPM range. This is a true bolt-on header, complete with hardware and gaskets, dedicated to the C7 Corvette. The 1.75" tube flows seamlessly to a 3", 4-into-1 collector. Billy Boat Performance Exhaust also makes a variety of x-pipes for the c7 Corvette.The Tri-Y design takes proper exhaust flow to a new level by pairing non-adjacent cylinders together to create a super-scavenging effect with the 4-into-2-into-1 (Tri-Y) construction. In this system, the exhaust flow from individual cylinder pulses are optimized to suck air into the combustion chamber from the intake. This creates a much more efficient power curve that results in a greater amount of usable torque (called torque under the curve) in the mid-range, while not sacrificing any top-end power for peak numbers.

The 3"x-pipe section evens the exhaust pulses with a sycronized crossover in the center section, resulting in a deeper, smoother tone.

You purchased a new C7 Corvette and did not get the NPP option but you want it, we now provide a solution!  These systems work especially well for those who have other modifications such as superchargers and headers because this system will still allow both a quiet and a loud side even with mods. We have bi-modal kits for all the tips styles of our Gen. 3 Fusion system that we make for the C7. 

This is a complete exhaust system

Headers/X-Pipe/Cats/Bi-Modal Fusion Mufflers

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