AS-206101 FRS/BRZ 2013-Up 61" w/7" Pedestals GT-250 Adjustable Wing by APR Performance

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GT-250 Adjustable Wing

When it comes to racing, every second counts. APR Performance Adjustable
Wings can give you that edge to achieve faster lap times. By reducing lift and
increasing downforce, you can gain extra traction during high speed cornering.
Although adjustable wings aren’t specifi cally a suspension component, they play
a crucial role to the handling characteristics of a car. By adjusting the angle of
attack on an adjustable wing, you can dial in the amount of downforce for better
car control. This allows your car to have more or less oversteer characteristics,
giving you additional control to tune the rear traction of your car.
All GT Series wings feature an all-new, low-drag, aerodynamic 2D designed airfoil shape.
The “2D” design allows the wing to maintain a consistent level of downforce from its 10”
 Chord and across its entire span (which can be made to any spec ifi c length). Computational
Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Analyses were performed on these wings to support validation of their
aerodynamic design.
Each GT Series airfoil is composed of lightweight and durable carbon fi ber reinforced polymer
(CFRP) composite materials. These airfoils contain pre-pregnated woven carbon fi ber
sheets for superior strength and low weight. All CFRP airfoils are made using pre-pregnated
composite manufacturing processes (i.e. high-temperature autoclave and vacuum bagging) in
high-quality aluminum billet molds.

*Mounting bases sit at edges of trunk lid

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