Welcome to the XP Motorsports. The pictures above are just a few of the cars that we've built, maintain, service and race. We welcome you and are very pleased you're here, because it means you are like all of us here, an enthusiast, racers, and builder - you love cars, especially sports cars, and you love power and speed. When you feel the need - the Need for Speed - Nobody understands your craving for horsepower, torque and handling at the highest levels like  XP Motorsports, and our affordable selection of superior quality performance aftermarket parts and accessories for the professional/amateur or weekend racer is unmatched. It doesn't matter whether you flex your American Muscle in a 'Vette, or roll with a European Supercar or with Asian flair, everything you need to coax every last MPH out of your ride can be found right here at XP Motorsports. Today we provide the very best performance parts available for C1-C8 Corvettes, American Muscle, European and Asian Performance vehicles. We specialize in Performance Suspension and Handling, Performance Braking, Exhaust, and Forced Induction products. If you push your vehicle to its limits we have the parts and knowledge to keep you performing at your peak. Everything we sell on our website we can install for you in our shop

We thank you for shopping with us. 


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